NAMTA Journal 43.3, 2018

NAMTA Journal 43.3, 2018

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Montessori History: Searching for Evolutionary Scientific Truth

Montessori History: Searching for Truth by David Kahn

Place-Based Education and Citizen Science: Resources for Learning Beyond the Classroom 
by Louise Chawla and Abigail White

The (missing) Politics in Environmental and Sustainability Education by David W. Orr

Maria Montessori’s Cosmic Stories and Contemporary Science by Gerard Leonard

Of Natural Science, Women’s History, and Montessori’s Theory of Knowledge by Kathleen Allen

Big History Meets the Montessori Method by Lucy B. Laffitte

The Anthropocene: Threshold 8 by David Christian

Living by Gaia by Lynn Margulis

History: Human Solidarity: Man Whither Bound by Baiba Krumins Grazzini